Ministry of Broadcast coming to PC by month’s end


Ministry of Broadcast is a narrative-driven Indie platformer set in a dystopian future. You play a ginger-haired guy in a jumpsuit who’s trying to reach his family, the only problem is that they’re on the other side of a militarized wall. Complete environmental puzzles and avoid detection from the guards in this satirical platformer peppered with dark humor and Gorgeous pixel graphics.

MoB is developed by a small Indie company based in the Czech Republic. This videogame has killer animation and macabre humor which sees you climbing scaffolding, creeping through pipes and even sacrificing innocent NPCs to escape. All the while there are guards with dogs patrolling the area and government surveillance keeping a watchful eye on you.

It’s certainly no vacation summer camp as you wake up in a bunk bed in a Barracks with nothing on your feet. The weather is constantly snowing and military vehicles mow down poor unsuspecting NPCs – squished like Siberian roadkill. In fact, you’re in a sadistic TV show called the Wall which is broadcast by the ominously named Regime. There are no democratic rights in the arena, survival is the name of the game, and you must play it.

Use your run-and-jump reflexes to evade garbage guzzling incinerators and spiky pits. Wonder through rat-infested basements or climb scaffolding in a minimalistic gaming experience that has hints and clues meshed into the environment. There’s no need for maps or HP bars, all you need is a keen eye to spot the subtle clues throughout the videogame.

Ministry of Broadcast looks like a must for any fans of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and has a vibe that echoes The Hunger Games with its dystopian arenas controlled by the state. Its light-hearted humor offers a welcome respite from a videogame that revels in its dark depravity but will ultimately make you smile.

Ministry of Broadcast is out on PC this January 2020.