Minute of Islands takes players on a mysterious journey

There’s something remarkable about illustrations. No matter how many years it’s been since I opened one of my favorite books or comics from childhood, the illustrations feel as alive as they did when I lay curled up in bed with my stuffed animals. Artwork is an incredible way to tell a story and express emotion, and there’s something powerful about having those images ingrained in your mind well into adulthood. No matter your age, there’s something special about simple, child-like illustrations. Even videogame designers opt for simplicity. People often think a good videogame requires the highest quality graphics or most realistic characters, but sometimes simple is better.

Videogame publisher Mixtvision recently released the trailer for Minute of Islands, an upcoming platform adventure that is launching for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac on March 18th. The short trailer previews some of the unique locations and characters players will discover. It’s a Dalí-esque world mixed with Adventure Time, making it both whimsical and ominous.

Mo runs across a wooden bridge suspended in the trees.

The story takes place on an archipelago, following the journey of a tinkerer named Mo. Her flowing purple hair and vibrant yellow coat set her apart from the muted tones of the islands, which she must save by repairing broken machines scattered across this world. Using a tool called an Omni-Switch, Mo must solve puzzles and fix the broken appliances to save her family, friends, and her world, all while discovering something deep within her subconscious.

Mo meets a giant monster on her adventure

Minute of Islands promises players an adventure full of mystery and self-exploration as they guide Mo through different obstacles and encounter the islands’ inhabitants. Some of the inhabitants are giant creatures dwelling above the surface while others loom deep underground, hiding from the outside world. Instructions on the screen display how Mo must use her Omni-Switch to move past each location as she helps restore the islands and assists the creatures. In addition to solving puzzles, players will uncover an array of visual narratives set to different soundtracks as they travel from one island to the next.

Mo stands on the shore of an island while starting at  giant skeleton in the ocean

This poetic tale has already been nominated for multiple awards and the designers behind this game have released a demo as part of The Steam Game Festival. If you can’t wait until the full release next month, try out the demo and explore this evocative world, enjoy the beautiful narration, and immerse yourself in the atmospheric soundtrack.