Mirror’s Edge 2 a “showcase title” for next Xbox, Kinect 2.0 — rumor

Mirror’s Edge 2 will be a next-gen Xbox title that’ll make use of Kinect 2.0, rumor has it.

“Close inside sources from the industry” have apparently whispered that the new game will be a “showcase title” for Microsoft’s next-gen hardware and that it’s running on the Frostbite 2 tech.

Faith is said to return, though the city will be replaced with “a forested abandonment.” Not quite sure what to make of that one.

The rumors don’t stop there; the next Xbox will apparently have a controller with a detachable analog and a 3″ touchscreen gamepad, which Mirror’s Edge 2 is said to take advantage of.¬†An E3 2013 reveal is expected.

Everything firmly in the rumor pile, then.