Modern Warfare 2 gets a limited edition Xbox 360

Microsoft and Activision have announced a brand new SKU for the Xbox 360 that has seemingly taken some cues from the Halo 3 Special Edition console that came out in 2007. This gunmetal and gray piece of leet mega-console comes with 250 GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, and of course a headset all at the low cost of $399. And did I mention, your own copy of Modern Warfare 2?

The console and the game will both be available on November 10th worldwide and both are available for pre-order right now. There is a problem for the MW2 superfans out there — with the epic Prestige Edition staring at night right at you and this bundle only sporting the standard game, which do you get? This is a recession people, can you really afford both? We’ve got another picture for you after the break to help you choose.