Modern Warfare 2 Twitter image teases a new trailer

The image above popped up on Robert Bowling’s Twitter account and shows off something different, a US Marine holding a flare and looking skyward. As you can see from our extremely compressed version, the rest of the image is blacked out, except for the far left edge which contains three significant dates, 02.05.09, 10.04.09, and 11.10.09.

Bowling first mentioned Modern Warfare 2 on the February date listed and, as we well know, the November date is the upcoming release date, but what is this October date trying to tell us? Will it be the demo that they said would never come? Modern Warfare 2 branded clothing for PSN and XBL? The suspense is kill… oh, wait – he already told MTV all about it.

“It’s foreshadowing the launch of the Oct. 4th trailer. The rest will light up once the trailer hits.”

We wonder what more Infinity Ward can show us. Maybe it’s that big thing? Let the conspiracy theories run rampant in the comments.