Modern Warfare 3 to fight color blindness

Putting aside all the love, all the hatred and whatever other feelings we might have towards the November-bound shoot-a-fest, Modern Warfare 3, let’s concentrate for just a minute on how Activision, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games plan to make the playing field as equal for everybody as possible, including those with color blindness, or more accurately, color vision deficiency.

In a blog update, Sledgehammer VP and COO Michael Condrey answered a troubled fan, shortly but in detail, stating that an estimate of around one million Call of Duty players suffer from color blindness, which is why the developers behind MW3 are implementing a Color Blind Assist option in the game.

We’re all different. The general public may not suffer from any medical condition, but others are, making the experience of playing a game quite different for them, so it’s certainly great to hear devs taking action and countering it.