Update 2 / Modern Warfare reveal coming in just under 5 days

Update 2: This appears to have a little something to do with Modern Warfare after all, albeit not officially. Looks like we’ll be in for a live-action indie film set in the MW universe. If the film is any good as the PR stunt, count us in.

Update: All is not as it appears; according to a statement from Activision, this year’s Call of Duty is not yet revealing itself. Comments a spokesperson for the publisher: “There seems to be a great deal of speculation about the next Call of Duty project. Let me be clear that we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.”

A hoax? Now who’d be the one to to benefit from something like that?

Original story: Here’s a quickie but a goodie.

Big news on the Call of Duty front today; Activision’s sent over [edit: assumption is the mother of all f*ckups] We’ve been sent a set of dog tags (below). The bloody tags also included the message “end the war” along with the details of Sheperd, one of the villains from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

What’s on the website you ask? A countdown, currently sitting at just under 5 days. A quick flash of the Modern Warfare 2 villain appears when you load up the page. You may well remember that Makarov made it all the way through the last game. Guess that’s a Modern Warfare 3 reveal next week then.