Mojang’s Scrolls possibly going multiplatform

While Mojang is widely known for Minecraft, Scrolls is a card combat game the studio has been developing since earlier this year. Unlike Minecraft, however, Scrolls is powered by the Unity 3 engine and not Java, which according to its website “lets you target all platforms from a single tool.”

That means that using Unity 3, Mojang is theoretically able to release the game on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, iOS, Android and Flash, which is what the developer is aiming for according to a representative of the company. However, any specifics on the matter were left unsaid.

Mojang’s Jakob Porser also explained that, Scrolls being a multiplayer game, it would require players to be online to play. But when demo’ed, Porser played against an AI, and it is yet unknown whether a constant connection will be required to play, regardless of the kind of opponent you’re facing, be it human or AI.

Scrolls is scheduled to release early 2012.