Molyneux’s Natal title “almost impossible” to respond to

Peter Molyneux has said that his secret Natal title — presumed to be the Milo project introduced at E3 last summer — is “so different” that people have had a hard time categorizing it.

“It is so different and new that trying to get a focus group to look at it and respond is almost impossible,” the Lionhead boss told Times Online.

Likening the project to the invention of something like a bicycle, Molyneux said it must be seen to be understood.

“Imagine if I invented the bicycle and tried to explain it to you. If I told you I’d invented a machine that could go at 30mph and that travelling on a piece of rubber this wide would be the most popular form of transport in the world, you would look at me as if I was some kind of lunatic,” he said. “You have to build the bicycle first.”

The game designer has previously said that Milo would return in “a bigger and more dramatic story” and, more recently, that in-game characters meeting, engaging with and having empathy for the player would “change everything” — a hint as to the nature of the project, perhaps.