Monstrum 2 stalks Steam

I’m a really big fan of the reverse horror trope that’s appearing more frequently now than ever before. Being someone that likes monsters but doesn’t like being hunted down and butchered by them, it’s nice to be able to do the butchering. In the case of the game we’re going to be looking at today you’ll be able to be the butcherer and the one trying not to get butchered depending on your mood. The title is Monstrum 2 and it’s leaving Early Access to make itself permanently comfortable on Steam.

As I’ve just mentioned, the guys and gals over at Junkfish have launched Monstrum 2 today as a Steam exclusive. If escaping psychotic failed experiments happen to be your thing, (good for you if it is,) you’ll be able to grab your copy at a very reasonable £11.39. If you can’t wait to get your survival horror kicks and get in during launch week you’ll get a lovely 10% discount bringing the total down to £10.25. To be honest this makes perfect sense for any of you that like a bargain.

Monstrum 2 places players in a deadly game of cat and mouse in this first-person horror experience. What makes this title so very different from other survival horror romps out there is that you’re being given a choice. You can choose to play a prisoner who must work alongside other inmates to escape the horrors haunting the Sparrowhawk in true cooperative survival fashion. Alternatively, you can decide you don’t want to be one of the hunted and instead step into the shoes of one of the many Monstrums,  failed sea experiments with a strong sense of bloodlust that are gagging to get their kill on. Whether you embrace the fear or become it is entirely up to you.

To make your life more difficult the underwater Hong-Sha Miller research facility’s labyrinthine levels are procedurally generated. Do not expect to escape Sparrowhawk easily as your memory won’t be doing a great amount for you when the heat is on. What will help you, however, is your ability to be stealthy. If you can make good use of hiding spots you may be able to evade the predator that’s hunting you down. You’ll need to avoid cleverly laid traps though, as these will give your position away to the Monstrum. If you happen to get spotted you’d better be able to run as this might be your only hope of survival.

As a prisoner in Monstrum 2, you’ll have nothing but your wits and the safety afforded by up to three other inmates to aid you. You’ll need to scavenge the sea fortress for items and use the tools at your disposal to overcome obstacles. You’ll then need to solve puzzles and complete unique challenges to affect your escape and survive your ordeal as a team. Doing well will enable you to unlock customizable accessories and skins for your prisoner so there are definitely rewards for the skillful.

If you’re feeling in a more murderous mood, Monstrum 2 invites you to become one of a variety of different monsters, each with distinctive playstyles. Whether you choose to ambush and stalk your prey as The Bhagra, brutalize your victims through pure strength as The Brute, or haunt your prisoners as the malevolent Malacosm is entirely up to you. As with the prisoners, each of these creatures can be customized with various unlockable skins and accessories.

If a good dose of fear is what your craving Monstrum 2 can be found over on Steam here. Now would also be a very good time to grab it if you fancy that 10% saving on that already very reasonable asking price.