More bits on Far Cry 3 surface

A few more details on Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 have come to light at E3, ones that may be of interest to fans of the series in particular.

First off, the surprise sequel went into development immediately following Far Cry 2‘s release some years ago. Lead narrative designer Jason Vandernberghe says the new gameworld — which consists of two large islands this time — has been in the works for a whopping ” four or five years, we started right after Far Cry 2 shipped”; Far Cry 2 shipped at the end of 2008 though — roughly two and half years ago — so a bit of a miscalculation on Vandernberghe’s part there.

The developer is trying to achieve the tone of the Crytek-developed first game, which, judging by the gameplay debut, they’ve nailed quite well. Elements from the second game will be present as well; players can expect to dig out bullets from their arms with a knife once more.

As for hang gliders; “We can’t tell you about that, but it is a marquee feature,” Vandernberghe says. “One of the things we heard from fans on Far Cry 2 was it was hard to get around, so we’re looking at new ways to fix that.” We’ll take that as a yes.

Far Cry 3 ships sometime next year.