More Halo from Bungie? Never say never

Bungie may yet return to Halo; In parallel with the development of Halo: Reach the studio is already working on a new secret project, so it may be a while until another Halo game comes bearing the Bungie name. But it’s not ruled out as a possibility.

“You know, it might be premature to say we’ll never ever, ever make a Halo game again,” community director Brian Jarrard has told CVG. “We sort of have a little special place for Halo in our hearts. But for the foreseeable future, [Reach] is it.”

“If we don’t ever come back to Halo again, we better damn well make sure that our last game is the best one ever. Let’s set that bar really high and at least leave our fans something really special.”

Reach is later in the year with the multiplayer beta for ODST owners beginning in early May.