Mutropolis combines history and sci-fi in this upcoming adventure

I’ve dabbled in a few programming languages as a way to gain new skills. One of the courses I took introduced me to the basics of Python, and I can’t think of the last time I struggled so much trying to learn a new language. I didn’t have a natural aptitude for Python and I highly doubt I ever will, but I enjoyed the challenge. Imagine, though, creating a video game having zero programming experience with only two illustrators involved.

Beatriz Gascón and Juan Pablo González are the creators of Mutropolis, an upcoming sci-fi adventure game, who used their graphic design skills, experience in the gaming industry, and a splash of ingenuity to produce an imaginative video game that is set to release on February 18th. Mutropolis takes place in the year 5000, but in this futuristic universe, all of earth’s greatest achievements have been forgotten. Only one man, an archeologist named Henry Dijon, and his eccentric team know about the secrets hidden on Earth.

A group of archeologists sit in their aircraft

Players must assist Henry on his adventure as he and his companions search for the legendary city of Mutropolis, exploring the wilderness and solving puzzles. Don’t be deceived by the vibrant colors and cute illustrations. There are ancient enemies, lurking in the dark and waiting for their victims’ arrival, an evil that must be defeated by Henry and his gang.

Vitruvian man illustration

If you’re a history geek, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the hidden secrets in Mutropolis. While a lot of details have not yet been revealed, it appears that you’ll be on the search for famous artifacts such as Da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man, Moai statues from Easter Island, and the ancient pyramids of Giza. Even famous artists such as Frida Kahlo have been forgotten in this futuristic world, and it is Henry’s responsibility to reveal the truth and restore history.

Scenes from Mutropolis show an excavation, an evil ancient god, and a table of artifacts

It’s clear that the creators of Mutropolis have invested a lot of time and love into this creation and have focused on the smallest of details. This point-and-click adventure brings well-rounded voice actors, ambient synth music, and a unique storyline to present a new adventure to history geeks and gamers alike. For those who want to preorder the game, a 20% discount is offered if purchased directly through the publisher by February 17th. Otherwise, check out GOG and Steam if you want to add this game to your wishlist.