Mystery Half-Life video appears, rocks

Remember that live action Half-Life 2 vid we showed you a few weeks back? Awesome wasn’t it? Well, it’s got competition. Initially thought to be a nifty bit of viral marketing for Half-Life 2: Episode 3, this mysterious YouTube vid displays a similarly impressive combination of no money and plenty of talent to deliver another taster of just how good a Half-Life movie could be.

We know absolutely nothing of the vid’s origins or intentions. All we can tell you is that the youtube user that uploaded the vid links to a site called The website is equally mysterious, featuring just a black box with a question mark in it and the promise that “soon the world will find out.” Spooky. Also, one of the names that appears repeatedly in the credits at the bottom of the front page is TIMSMIT, which also happens to be a palindrome. Yes, a palindrome! Coincidence, or pointless observation from a blogger with too much time on his hands? You decide.