Netflix’s Narcos: Rise of the Cartels hits consoles and PC

This turn-based videogame gets down n’ dirty with the dust dealing drug lord Pablo Escobar; with brutal real-time combat and strategy campaigns that’ll put you in the heart of the Medellin Cartel.

You can work for the DEA or choose to side with the Narcos and help fund the drug empire, so go ahead and stick on ‘ya 80’s tash and cow-boy boots; oh and your aviator sunglasses.

Okay, it’s not Miami Vice, there are no silk shirts in this game; only a gritty videogame that’ll fulfill your desire to bust a cap into some badass gangsters.

This game looks like it has XCOM’s combat mechanics and uses a turn-based system that is solid and responsive. When you choose a side you can play as the DEA agent Murphy working in Colombia or help build the Cartel’s narcotics empire under El Patrón.

Curve Digital and their sister company Kulu have lovingly recreated the characters from the Netflix series into a tactical combat strategy game that looks satisfyingly brutal. If you enjoy putting someone down with a shotgun – metaphorically speaking, then this game looks like it will scratch that itch.

Choose your location and play as one of the gun-toting Narcos on the corrupt streets of Medellin or in the sun-dappled jungles of Columbia. The locations look well realized with compelling backdrops of the city.

There are also various other characters from the series that make an appearance, all with class-specific roles, perks and skills options. Hopefully, this game can stand on its own two feet and not need the popular Netflix series to prop it up.

However, anything that reminds me of XCOM can’t be too bad. All in all plenty of criminal activity to keep your trigger fingers active. Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is available on console and PC now.