Naughty Dog taking votes for next Uncharted 2 DLC

Democracy has come to DLC, with Naughty Dog opening the polls to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves fans to help choose the next multiplayer mode released. On the developer’s website, players can cast their vote for one of five new playlists they would like to see in the game – Plunder Only, Crushing: All Game Types, Crushing: Deathmatch Only, Skilled Objectives and Deathmatch Variants Only.

“We can’t guarantee that we’ll be releasing the most popular playlist,” posts Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer, “but we really want to know what you’d like to see, so let us know what you want.”

So far the virtual ballot box runneth over for Plunder Only, which has taken the early lead at almost 42% with Crushing: All Competitive at 21% and Crushing: Deathmatch Only at 18%. Though they’ll probably all be released eventually, as long as the community’s demand continues to necessitate the supply,  I’ll be more than happy to sate my immediate treasure hunting jones with more plunder.

Plunder Only
All Plunder, all the time. No variations, nothing but capping treasure and shooting enemies.

Crushing: All Game Types
The Crushing variation on all maps with all game types. Crushing is a more hardcore version of our rule set where players have less health and no Boosters are active.

Crushing: Deathmatch Only
The Crushing variation on all maps in standard Deathmatch only.

Skilled Objectives
All Objective game types, but now with a Skill Level. Skill Levels are tied to each playlist, so all players would start with a Skill Level of 1 in this playlist, regardless of the Skill Level already achieved in the Ranked playlist.

Deathmatch Variants Only
All the Deathmatch variants including Sniper/Pistole, Pistols/Grenades, RPG’s, and Crushing.