Nazis and dinosaurs stand together to form the ultimate axis of evil in Dino D-Day

It finally happened. They said it wouldn’t, no, couldn’t be done, but now it has come to fruition. Upstart studio Digital Ranch Interactive has created a dream tag team featuring the most under-used enemy in videogame history with the most over-used enemy in videogame history.

Dinosaurs have joined the Third Reich.

This truly momentous occasion will come in the form of Dino D-Day, which will be released on Steam sometime in 2010. The first-person shooter has the player taking the role of Sgt. Jack Hardgrave, “a renowned paleontologist who thought he put his career on hold to go to war…then Hitler resurrected dinosaurs and unleashed them on the Allies in 1942.” The developer, who is a offshoot of the TV production company Digital Ranch, promises both single and multi player modes for the Valve’s Source engine-powered title.

We will continue to follow the development of this monumental release and will report on any and all information received.