Need for Speed MMO dated for July

Need for Speed World, EA’s MMOish addition to the long-running racing series, will launch next month, on July 20.

The game will be available for download as a free client and allows players to progress to level 10 free-of-charge; access to all races and pursuits included.

Those looking to jump in deep can purchase the $20 Starter Pack. That gets you full access to level 50, $20 worth of SpeedBoost (the game’s currency) as well a number of power-ups and a limited edition vehicle.

The Starter Pack also opens the door for microtransactions, allowing players to buy new power-ups, double XP periods and rental cars at “just a few cents” a pop.

Finally, EA’s giving the unpatient ones early access. Those who pre-order can jump behind the wheel on July 13, a full week ahead of everyone else.