Never play alone with Party Up Gaming

As a gamer that primarily plays online (Smite, Dark Souls, etc), I understand that cooperation is key to not only winning but having fun while playing. The bane of any online player’s existence is, and sadly an inescapable reality, random players. While playing online in a party with friends is possible, it is not always an option. So when all your friends are busy, you get stuck playing with randoms on your team. These random players can be great, but can also cause a lot of headaches. Well fear no more online warriors – a great innovation is coming your way under the name of Party Up Gaming.

Party Up Gaming allows you to connect with all sorts of players all around the world to form an online party. Mostly, you will log onto the website (, start a discussion for the game, and players will post if they are interested in partying up. The site is currently in beta, but the developers have lots in store for the future such as filtering options to allow better selection of party members, online profiles, a mobile app, and lots more. Messages that are posted during the beta will stay up for a while, however; with increased membership, the messages will be deleted faster for a more real-time based messaging feel. Having a short shelf life on the post will prevent new users from engaging in a dead thread, therefore not finding any party members.

Main screen

Chief Gaming Officer Mat Houchens said that as they roll forward with the service a “mobile app [is their] top priority once [they] squash the bugs.” Afterwards, Mat stated that post-mobile app development they will focus on “as much integration with gaming platforms themselves to make it a more rich experience for the gamer.” After those two goals have been accomplished Mat will turn his ear to the community and its feedback for future developments.

When asked about potential drawbacks of the site Houchens had this to say, “So far, we haven’t found anything that has been earth-shattering for us that we haven’t been able to surpass. Our passion and dedication to the project should keep us ahead of the curve. Funding is always an issue on keeping a project alive and that’s a conversation we’re having now to make sure we don’t hit a wall and are prepared well in advance.”

Beta Feedback

As you can see the team for Party Up Gaming is already looking to the future with dedication and passion. They are also showing a strong commitment to the success of this venture. Furthermore, these developers are looking for help and who better to help than the gamers that will be using this service. During the beta, you can send in your feedback to the website or check out their trello page to add your input for future development. This site will provide solo players with the tactical advantage of playing with others, having a better online experience, and quite possibly forging some strong friendships across the globe.

Individual feedback

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