New Balance Board game wobbling to Europe

Konami has announced Marbles! Balance Challenge for Wii, which will take advantage of the Balance Board. This Hudson Soft game may not be a Balance Board seller, but this may be a must buy for those that liked the marble balance challenge in WiiFit. Not only are the boards more imaginative, but Marbles! comes with an extensive level editor and even a plot.

Players use their balance skills to help Anthony the ant as he tries to find the mythical “Golden Sunflower Seed” and save his colony. To do this players steer a ball through 200 stages with gentle tilts of the Wii remote. Wait! We thought this was a Balance Board game? Well, as the game progresses there must be more complicated puzzles requiring more than standard movements because there will only be 100 specially designed stages utilizing the Board. Player created stages can be shared with friends over the Connect24 service and scores can be uploaded onto the global leaderboards.

Gamers longing to bolster there Balance Board accessible library can pick up Marbles! when it rolls into Europe April 30, for the budget price of £24.99.