New DLC characters coming to Mortal Kombat

May’s issue of Gamepro has let loose the first details on new Mortal Kombat characters, coming to us via DLC.

The mag shows off three new fighters, although one of these, Kintaro, has been confirmed as false already. Netherrealm’s Hans-Lo did however confirm the existence of the other two, Kenshi and Lady in Red. Kenshi is a returning character from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance while Lady in Red is being kept in mystery. There’s rumors that she may be a returning character from one of the older games, or that she is entirely new.

Hans-Lo wanted to fuel that speculation, saying: “Anyone who knows the history of Mortal Kombat will tell you that back in the days of the arcade – when they did just palette swap characters to come up with multiple fighters in the game – there was a glitch in one of the old arcade machines that caused the Jade/Katana/Milena female ninja to glitch and turn red. People always thought it was a hidden unlockable character and it wasn’t, it was purely a programming glitch. They’ve always speculated and in fact it was the fans who named her Scarlet to begin with. She’s no longer a glitch – she’s an actual character, and she’ll be coming pretty soon post-launch.”

He also said that although these characters had been revealed before the game’s release, they’re not quick cash-ins:  “They won’t be copy and pasted from characters already in the game – they’re going to have their own unique fighting styles, moves, fatalities and x-rays – all the good stuff.”

MK creator and producer Ed Boon also backed this up via Twitter, saying: “DLC characters are NOT on the disc.”