New Epic Games IP to be revealed at GDC 2011

Epic Games has another secret announcement up its sleeve. Along with the still anticipated Gears of War reveal re-set for sometime in 2011, a new IP reveal is set to debut at GDC 2011.

Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games’ design director, tells EGM that we should keep our “eyes peeled at GDC” for its new IP and that Eric Holmes, lead designer of Prototype, is heading up the project.

And for anyone that scoffs at the idea of new IP, consider this point from Bleszinski: “I believe game designers are the Stan Lees and Jack Kirbys of our day, and we’re creating these universes that leave a huge impact on people. Gamers’ vote with their dollars and they often like established IP, but those IPs came from somewhere, right? Call of Duty was crafted by the original Medal of Honor guys. Gears of War was crafted by the original Unreal Tournament guy. I look forward to creating what’s next.”

GDC 2011 is set for Feb. 28-March 4.