New footage of Wanted: Weapons of Fate

[bliptv gctb7OEFjt1s]

Last week we got our hands on Wanted: Weapons of Fate and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was pretty well designed. We didn’t see a full build, but it was clear that Wanted managed to surpass the mediocrity most movie-based videogames are characterized by. You can find the full write up here, but to summarize my own work, the game is sweet, and if you become proficient at it, you can bend a bullet through more than one enemy at once.

Anyway, Grin Barcelona just released new footage (above) of the game, along with some commentary from the developers. It doesn’t reveal too much, but Grin gets to talk about how much of the game (which is a sequel to the movie) is indebted to the comic franchise. At one point in the video, Bo Anderson notes, “The big thing with the comic book is the ‘[Bad Word] you’ attitude that [Wesley] has.” From the cutscenes and gameplay we’ve seen, they carry that tone throughout the title.

The few clips of the game it offers show off the slick looking graphics, and at :22, you get a nice look at what bending bullets in the game looks like. Mmmmmm.