New Goldeneye trailer takes aim at multiplayer

[tvgb 187231]

The trailer says it best really; a new Goldeneye 007 is coming, so what are you going to do? Multiplayer!

Well, that is if the multiplayer even compares to the N64 original (which few games have in my opinion). Right now I simply can’t see this new version making me wake up in the morning, rush downstairs and play for a few hours with my brother, but then maybe that’s because I’m not six anymore.

This short trailer tries to sell itself by highlighting the facts: 4-player split-screen, online modes, 8 classic characters, 25 unique weapons, and a bunch of different modes/variables to play with. Impressive, but we’re just not going to know if it’s really captured the spirit of the original until we’re in the thick of it later in the year.