New info on Wii and DS Roogoo, connectivity confirmed

Waaaay back at the NYCC we got our hands on a little game called Roogoo and absolutely fell in love with it. The game came out for XBLA and was awesome and was then announced for the DS and Wii making everyone at TVGB even happier that more people could play it. After a few months of silence on the games we’ve finally got some new details on the insanely addictive puzzler’s Wii and DS versions titled Roogoo Twisted Towers and Roogoo, respectively.

The Wii edition will feature a whole metric ton of brand new content including new levels, new environments, new gameplay mechanics and new boss battles. Most interesting is that the game will not only play on the vertical axis but also on a horizontal one. Knowing how much of a challenge just handling one direction was I’m looking forward to taking it to the next block falling level this way. Both games will feature multiplayer modes, with the DS connecting to other DS for up to six players and the Wii supporting four player “party play,” which means everyone will be in the same room for that one.

The Wii and DS are also going to hook up using the magic of wi-fi. While no mention is made of the previously reported ability to play the Wii game with the DS the two will still connect. If you have both games and connect your DS copy to your Wii version you’ll unlock secret levels in both. Not the most creative use of connectivity but a use none the less. This game is truly awesome and I’m glad to see it coming to the Wii and even more excited it’s coming to the DS. Portable Roogoo means Roogoo anywhere at anytime.