LEGO Indiana Jones trailer is looking good

[gametrailers 33454]

The LEGO Star Wars series has been a fun diversion from the grit and difficulty of the more serious games out there. It combined an easy to use control scheme, pretty graphics, and a forgiving gameplay style that made it a darling with gamers and critics alike. Now Traveller’s Tales is at it again, this time taking another beloved movie franchise, Indiana Jones, and adding to it their unique LEGO twist.

After seeing the trailer above it looks like they have another winner on their hands. The first thing that stood out to me was how good the game looks; they have really captured the look and feel of the Indiana Jones movies, and the theme song, pure gold. Adding to that what already appears to be fast-paced and varied gameplay, this may turn out to be another must-have game any action-loving gamer’s collection.

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures will be released this June (US-June 3, EU-June 6) for all major platforms, just after the fourth Indy movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, makes its worldwide debut in theaters worldwide on May 22.