New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance photo released! Kojima: “I was amazed”


Black Raiden at the opening screen?

Today, Hideo Kojima shared a picture with us from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance after he played it! “As having TGS playable check for “METAL GEAR RISING”, I was amazed at the opening. It is impossible mission except Raiden.” Kojima has said that MGS: Revengeance is worthy of carrying on the dynasty he has created. While we still don’t know what the difference is between Raiden’s white and black gear, this new picture combined with “I can’t say much beyond this, but why he’s ‘Black Raiden’ is a secret.” has got to get your blood pumping!

All the Metal Gear Solid parties are throwing so many teasers our way in the last months, I as a huge fan of the series, find that I’m fidgeting almost as much as when Hideo Kojima himself was in charge of production. And even though Revengeance is clearly sending a different message on warfare and violence than what we experienced in MGS4, anyone who loves the series and ninja abilities is still pumped by the possibilities we’re being promised. So let’s hear it fans! Are you ready for the next evolution in Kojima’s legacy? Maybe you need to watch this again to get your brain buzzing.


**This trailer is intended only for those 18 years-of-age and up!**