New Pokkén Tournament details revealed

A few days ago, Japanese videogame magazine hosted a stream to show off the hotly anticipated fighting game Pokkén Tournament, thus revealing many new details regarding this collaboration between Nintendo and Bandai Namco, best known for their own fighting franchise Tekken.

So far, five different Pokémon have been confirmed as playable characters: Lucario, Machamp, Suicune, Gardevoir and, of course, Pikachu. It’s not known yet how big the final roster will be but there will also be support Pokémon that can be summoned mid-fight, such as Lapras and Snivy.

Fights will take place in an open arena instead of a 2D plain, similar to the likes of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series, allowing players to duke it out either up close or at a distance with projectile attacks, as well as insane special moves that truly make fights a visual treat, including Mega Evolution.

At the moment, the game is slated for an arcade release in Japan only, but given the popularity of both Pokémon and fighting games in the West, a Wii U port seems very likely. If you want to see some gameplay footage (and a few more little extra details), follow the link at the end of the article and enjoy the madness.