New Ready 2 Rumble vids have Michael Buffer

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You know a game isn’t that exciting when Michael Buffer is the highlight. So why are we showing off not just one, but two videos from the new Ready 2 Rumble Revolution on the Wii? Well it turns out that the game might be fun. TVGB’s intrepid weekend reporter John Slefinger and I got to duke it out a bit at NYCC 09 and came away having fun waving our arms like idiots.

The controls seemed a bit wonky, the attacks were pretty standard and the character parodies were… well, you can see in the vids. However, just like the myriad of complaints I would list against Wii Sports the fun factor overcame them. Stupid Wii. Then again Wii Sports was free with my system. Ready 2 Rumble on the other hand is $39.99, so fun might not cut it.

[bliptv gctb7b8Wjt1s]