New The Old Republic planet details: The Hutta

Love is in the air and in our generous nature and our love for our readers we give you, The Hutta. Doesn’t sound that great does it? But if you were to translate the name from its native tongue of Huttese, it would translate to “glorious jewel”. So technically we just kind of gave you jewelry on Valentine’s Day, not too shabby if you ask me. Feeling the love as well, BioWare has been kind enough to release some nice details on the planet Hutta that will appear in Star Wars: The Old Republic, with screenshots and concept art to boot.

As you could have guessed Hutta is the planet where you can find the Hutts making their homes. Although Hutta translates to “glorious jewel,” the planet itself is a polluted wasteland of muck and bogs thanks to the gluttonous lifestyle of the Hutt race. The planet originally belonged to the Evocii who’s naive and primitive nature landed them in one sided dealings with the Hutts. Centuries pass and the Evocii found themselves owing more than they had to the Hutts (this is oddly topical isn’t it?) and when the Hutts came to collect their debts, the planet was handed to them. Now the planet is ruled by the chubby worms and they play a neutral role in the war between the Republic and the Siths.

Sounds like place to invest in some vacation property. After all the light speed traveling, Sith fighting, force pushing and light saber bashing, a Jedi needs a place to relax and rest his head! I’m sure there are loads of bars, hopping night life and some ladies of the red light district if you know what I mean. I’ll put an advert in the local paper there “Jedi seeking vacation getaway with a land fill view. Will consider flatmate. Price negotiable.”