New Xbox UI shuffles indie games, upsets devs

The new Xbox 360 mandatory interface update came yesterday, and with change, inevitably comes criticism. One of those hardest hit by the new UI is the Indie Games section, which has been moved from the “Games” pages and is now under “Specialties”, a move which has angered indie devs.

One of those developers, Jason Deacon, says the move is “sad […] but not unexpected given the direction of the platform”.

Other developers had harsher words, including Kris Steele of FunInfusedGames, who says “[the change] is really bad for the service”.

Mommy’s Best Games, developers of Weapon of Choice, called it a “categorical failure”.

On the plus side, the new UI enables the Top 50 Indie games to be featured, as opposed to the previously limited Top 20.