Nexon America creates free first-person shooter

Expect to be blown away at no cost! IGN has revealed that Nexon America is getting ready to release the PC game Combat Arms, a free online first-person shooter due out later this Summer. If you’re lucky enough, you could be one of the select few to get hands-on experience with the closed beta that is coming May 30th.

Combat Arms throws players into environments where they’ll have to fight against swarms of fortune soldiers. What makes this FPS so different from any other (besides the fact that it’s free), is that it brings customization features that you’ve most likely not seen in any other — you can customize your character’s appearance, give him whatever gun and equipment you desire, then go out and be the alpha-dog you’ve always wanted to be. You can also trick out your guns with silencers, extended magazines, and scopes which are there to make you all the more deadly.

You may be thinking a game like this is only for the advanced right? Wrong. Combat Arms promises to be both newbie and veteran-friendly. The game also features an award system that gives its best players in-game currency and experience points to buy and acquire new equipment and weapons. For people who prefer the company of real people as opposed to computer controlled goons, there’s also an emphasis on community features that focuses on clans. You can recruit, manage, and communicate with other players as you see fit.

Looking at how this information is presented, it would seem that the major emphasis of this upcoming title is the fact that it’s free. Let’s just hope the content of the actual game is worthy of the player’s (and developer’s) time and effort. If you want in on the beta, give Combat Arms’ website a visit to learn more about on how you can get involved.