Next issue of Nintendo Power to drop “a world reveal for Wii”

Companies do this sort of thing. They get everyone all hyped up with a “big announcement” and they get paid by some publication so that they can be the first to break the story on said announcement. Sometimes they deliver, sometimes they disappoint, and once in a while they blow us out of the water.

The latest to crank the hype machine is Nintendo, and they’re using their own Nintendo Power publication to do it. The hype? A one page spread for the next issue with the following text: “Next issue is going to be a big one, with brand-new looks at some of the year’s hottest games—including a snazzy new world reveal for Wii!”

Best guess… it’s a game, and not another peripheral. At least… I hope that’s the case. Maybe it’ll be that new Pikmin they mentioned, or maybe they’ll spill a couple beans on the new Zelda? Who knows, but here’s hoping for some good stuff. I still don’t know what the deal is with the Vitality Sensor…