NHL 14 demo coming next week

If you want to feel like summer is closer to being over than not, then EA Sports has the perfect thing for you. On August 20th, NHL 14 will have a demo available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, giving players access to NHL 94 Anniversary Mode, a Hockey Ultimate Team tournament and Play Now. As per usual, the demo will revolve around using the two Stanley Cup finalists, Boston and Chicago, in each mode.

NHL 94 Anniversary mode will let players take over a game between the Blackhawks and Bruins in the third period using the old school simplified controls, blue ice and the classic star player indicators. With the demo version of Hockey Ultimate Team, players will be able to take part in a mini tournament with the Halifax Mooseheads, Grand Rapids Griffins, Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins. Through simply playing and winning a tournament, players will be able to unlock two silver hockey card packs for the retail version of the game.

In Play Now, players will jump in to the third period of a game between the two Stanley Cup finalists and will be able to put the game through its paces and get a sense of the tweaks that have been made from last year to this year. On top of that, you will be able to take the new fighting system out for a spin using Godzilla’s second cousin Zdeno Chara, which should give a pretty good indication on the quality of the fighting in NHL 14.

Yup, winter is coming.