Nimbatus launches May 14th

I’ve got something here for the science and adventure fans amongst you. In fact, anyone with a love of sci-fi might be interested in Nimbatus. This is a space exploration game with a bit of a twist and it’s coming to your screens next month.



Nimbatus is a game of space exploration, science, and creativity. You will be given the task of creating custom drones from multiple parts. When you’re happy with what you have, you’ll send your creation into a procedurally generated galaxy to collect resources and complete missions. As you journey into the stars, you’ll discover a plethora of different enemies, biomes, and destructible planets to navigate and explore.

In Nimbatus, your drone can be controlled manually or operate as a fully autonomous entity via an array of logic and sensor parts. These parts come from a bank containing hundreds of options so there’s plenty of room to be smart and creative. Drones given a brain and the ability to function of their own volition can be entered into a PVP arena for those of you that like topping leaderboards.

Those of you looking for the single-player experience have a choice between a couple modes of play. The first of these is Nimbatus‘ survival mode. Here you will choose a captain from one of six different archetypes, including the tech-savvy researcher, tough old boxer, and the mysterious cybernetic programmer; a class recommended for experts of the game. Each of these unique captains will offer bonuses, allowing you to further improve your drone builds.

Those of you wanting to take a little more of a meandering approach to Nimbatus are absolutely welcome to. This title also has a sandbox mode. Whereas resources are limited in survival, you will be able to do things more at your own pace in this anything-goes setting.

Interesting, right? I love the idea of taking something I’ve built from the ground up into a game and seeing how it manages to survive. Procedural generation, if it’s done properly, offers plenty of replayability and the sheer scope of what you can do in terms of what’s essentially character creation should see players coming back for more. If this title lives up to all that it’s promising it could be well worth a look. Those of you wanting in don’t have much longer to wait, either. Nimbatus will be hitting your PC, Mac, and Linux using screens via the Steam store on May 14th.