Ninja Gaiden 2 “demo” a disappointment


Microsoft has got to learn that when a “demo” is promised, people do expect an actual demo they can play themselves and not some silly video. Yet this is exactly what’s happened with Ninja Gaiden 2.

Two days ago, a grayed out soon-to-be downloadable item named “Ninja Gaiden 2 Demo – Coming Soon” appeared on the US Marketplace. Naturally the word spread, everyone got excited and expected an actual demo of the game to be released shortly. After all, Tomonobu Itagaki himself was flown overseas to show the game to the GDC crowd and announce the release date (June 3rd by the way).

And now that the “demo” is available for download, it turns out it’s simply a video showing the game being played. A nice preview, granted, but it’s no demo. How about a collective “Boo!” towards Microsoft for this misleading no-no?