Ninja Gaiden 2 demo on LIVE soon


Just when I was starting to wonder where all the GDC demos that we were promised last week were hiding, it turns out one of them is just around the corner. Next to the lengthy Ninja Gaiden 2 gameplay video and the new screenshots we saw yesterday, it looks like Microsoft will be treating us to a hands-on sampling of the game also.

The GDC coverage section of Xbox LIVE Marketplace in the US is currently showing the demo, unselectable and grayed out, with the ever-annoying “Coming soon” text attached to it. Fingers crossed Microsoft will have it available shortly, and outside the US as well.

As announced yesterday by Team Ninja’s Tomonobu Itagaki at Microsoft’s GDC press event, the full version of the game will arrive on store shelves on June 3rd of this year.