Ninjala hits Switch this May

Considering that for the most part, we’re relatively nice people, gamers are a bloody violent bunch. I for one wouldn’t hurt a fly, give me the chance to beat the virtual snot out of someone I don’t know, though, and I’m all there. Be it solo or in teams, many of us relish the chance to beat, stab or gun down our opponents. Those of you wanting a new way to get a bit stabby might want to grab a copy of Ninjala which is coming to your Switch in May.

Ninjala is free, which is great for starters. It’s a PvP action game combining elements of parkour with bubble gum and probably fairly obviously, ninjas. Coming from the folk over at GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE), Ninjala is releasing globally on the Nintendo eShop May 28th.

You are invited to team up against players all over the world in frantic four on four action. If you don’t play well with others or just aren’t in a particularly co-operative mood you have the option of joining an eight-player, free-for-all, slugfest instead. You can play whichever way suits you best.

You’ll take the role of one of four colorful ninja kids and test your skills in the use of “Ninja-Gum”. You’ll morph this resource into unique weapons on the fly while using a mix of ninjutsu and parkour to dart around the battlefield.

Ninjala is unlike anything we have ever created before. How many other games let you battle your opponents with bubble gum while running up buildings as a colorful ninja? We believe Switch players will really connect with Ninjala’s compelling online PvP experience and become the ninja they always knew they could be!

Kazuki Morishita, President and CEO of GOE.

It’s a fair point. I can’t think of any other game off the top of my head that uses bubble gum as a weapon. If you want to have a go at Ninjala you won’t have too much longer to wait. If you don’t own an eShop subscription and want to give it a go don’t worry, Ninjala won’t require one before allowing you to play matches online. You can also look forward to a variety of skins and emotes with which to outfit your ninjas. If you’re an action fan you won’t be losing out by giving it a go; May 28th might well be a date for the diary.