Nintendo releasing golden Super Mario amiibo alongside Mario Party 10

We’ve seen an amiibo of nearly every Nintendo character, but that doesn’t mean that the company is done making the interactive figurines.

Gold Mario amiibo

Nintendo announced on Thursday that Super Mario amiibo – Gold Edition will be released on March 20 of this year, just in time for the launch of compatible title Mario Party 10.

This object of fans’ affection will sell for $12.96 and be exclusively available at Walmart stores in the United States. It will be the third Mario amiibo that Nintendo has made available. There’s also a fireball Mario figure that launched alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U last November and another Mario amiibo that is exactly like the new gold one except it’s not colored gold. That will also be made available on March 20, but instead of Walmart, it’s exclusively available as a pack-in with Mario Party 10.

In a nutshell: Fireball Mario is widely available. The other two new Mario amiibo are launching on March 20, either at Walmart (Gold Edition) or in a box with Mario Party 10 (standard edition).