No multiplayer beta for Assassin’s Creed III


I guess that I’ll just have to wait.

I mean, I was totally jazzed to rip into the AC3 multiplayer a month or two early so I could figure out all of the cheap crap that I could exploit on release day, but that won’t be happening this time around.

Why, you ask?

Damien Kieken, Multiplayer Game Director at Ubisoft Annecy, explained the situation to Xboxgamezone:

“Yes, to be honest, it’s something we want to do every year because we get community feedback that helps us tune the game. It is also a good reward for the community that has followed us from the beginning. But doing a beta takes a lot of time; we’d need to polish a version, submit it to the platform holders and support it when it’s out. And all the time put into the beta doesn’t go into the final game.  Because we wanted to push so many things into the game, we took the hard decision to favor the final game content instead of doing a beta and we believe it will be favorable in the end.”

While you can’t really complain about them stuffing the game with more content, beta is a useful experience for more than just the developers. Gamers benefit from getting an early look at multiplayer. It allows us to analyze the game’s mechanics, develop strategies and create a community all before release. I’m not saying that all games with a multiplayer component need an open beta, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.


Assassin's Creed Multiplayer Screenshot. Credit:

Assassin’s Creed 3 will be released on October 30th, 2012.