No NGP games from Insomniac

The problem with being a great developer is that fans will pester you about everything. Insomniac Games, for example, are always burdened with pressing questions like “Are you guys gonna develop for 360?” or “Will you put Move support into this game?” (which they just did for Resistance 3). Still, the studio are good at coping with demand and usually provide the answers we seek, as seen today.

This time around it’s the question of the NGP, and if they will develop for it. Sadly, it would seem not. Community man James Stevenson told the crowd at Insomniac’s annual Community Day that they are “totally focused on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360” at the moment. Nuts.

PlayStation Move Heroes developer Nihilistic is currently at work on Resistance NGP, but we had hoped the big boys would tackle their own Ratchet game for the platform. Perhaps High Impact Games, who developed several Ratchet titles on PSP, will take over again.