Nolan Bushnell heads up anti-aging gaming site

Gamers should know Nolan Bushnell as the founder of Atari, though he’s had several interesting ventures since then.

It looks like his latest move could well be his most interesting yet; he’s now the brains behind website Bushnell will serve as the adviser and chief game visionary to the company that claims to be based on science.

The site targets “mentally healthy people” of age 35+, providing games that help to maintain that health. Neurobehavioral scientists have worked on the games, though that might just be the most elaborate buzz word we’ve ever heard.

Bushnell himself said: “It has been disappointing to watch video games become increasingly violent and complicated over the years and lacking in fun, socially engaging and educational features. I have long believed that video and computer games could be highly effective, fun educational tools and I am pleased to see more activity on that front.”

Subscribers pay $12.99 month to take advantage of the games. Twenty percent of its pre-tax profits will go to organizations involved in Alzheimer’s prevention research.

It looks good, but there’s not enough violence for our tastes.