Not So Berry Challenge: Master this Sims 4 Colorful Test

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Welcome to the not so berry challenge!

This challenge allows players to unlock all of the colors in the Sims 4 rainbow by adding a colorful spin to the original legacy challenge.

Like the original legacy challenge, you will play through 10 generations of one sim family. Each generation allows you to access different character personalities available to you in the game.

Learn more about the not so berry challenge!

What is the Not So Berry Challenge?

The Sims 4 not so berry challenge is a colorful user-created challenge similar to the Sims 4 legacy challenge. Players go through 10 generations of the same family, but the family is made of vastly different personalities.

Every generation follows a specific color scheme, meaning that the characters will have clothing and hair that matches the coordinating color of the generation.

The berry legacy challenge is similar to this challenge, but berry sims must have a skin tone that matches the generation’s color scheme, making berry sims quite the spectacle.

Each generation will also have assigned aspirations, careers, and traits that ensure every generation has unique characteristics and challenges:

Generation One: Mint

  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
  • Career: Scientist
  • Traits: Vegetarian, Materialistic, Jealous

The matriarch or patriarch of your legacy will be a evil genius who supports themselves with a master scientist career. His peculiar personality can create challenges when it comes to creating a family. The materialistic trait will ensure that they focus on creating a strong foundation for their future generations if they can connect with another sim and make time for a family.

Generation Two: Rose

  • Aspiration: Serial romantic
  • Career: Politician
  • Traits: Romantic, Hot-Headed. Snob

The 2nd generation character will elevate the family’s social standing as a serial romantic and politician. However, the character may rub people the wrong way if you get caught with multiple partners or fight with a political adversary.

Generation Three: Yellow

  • Aspiration: Nerd brain
  • Career: Astronaut
  • Traits: Clumsy, Ambitious, Loner

Your third generation sim will take your legacy to new heights as they follow the astronaut career, which will be facilitated by the nerd brain aspiration and ambitious trait. However, your sim will be a loner and clumsy, which can make it difficult to find love.

Generation Four: Grey

  • Aspiration: Athlete
  • Career: Bodybuilder
  • Traits: Active, Slob, Music Lover

Your fourth generation character prioritizes the physical health and strength of your legacy. They have athletic aspirations and work toward a bodybuilding career. They are active and a music lover, so they do well in social situations as long as they don’t get too messy.

Generation Five: Plum

  • Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
  • Career: Fast food, Doctor, Entertainer
  • Traits: Dance Machine, Genius, Noncommittal

In the middle of your game, you will have more flexibility with the fifth generation sim. You can choose from three career paths. The dance machine aspiration matches the entertainer career. The genius trait lends well toward a career as a doctor. However, noncommittal sims may struggle to maintain a steady job without extra discipline. The more rounded character, the better!

Generation Six: Orange

  • Aspiration: Public enemy
  • Career: Criminal
  • Traits: Evil, Self-Assured, Glutton

If you make it to your legacy’s sixth generation, you will develop an unsavory character with the public enemy aspiration. Your sim will use their traits to succeed at a master criminal career. However, will the other sims get along with someone so morally bankrupt? How will it impact the legacy?

Generation Seven: Pink

  • Aspiration: Best selling author
  • Career: Business
  • Traits: Neat, Unflirty, Creative

After a generation of crime, your seventh generation sim will take a more conventional path in life. They will use a business career and write romance novels to accomplish their life goals of becoming a best selling author. They are clean and creative, perfect for their creative aspiration, but they don’t flirt very well.

Generation Eight: Peach

  • Aspiration: Joke star
  • Career: Detective
  • Traits: Foodie, Lazy, Goofball

Your next legacy character knows how to enjoy life. They work as a detective to pay the bills, but they laugh, lounge around, and eat when they get out of work. Peachy indeed!

Generation Nine: Green

  • Aspiration: Computer whiz
  • Career: Tech guru
  • Traits: Squeamish, Geek, Cheerful

While all sims live inside of the computer, not all sims have the advanced computer skills of the 9th generation character. The sim works for a major tech company and aspires to be a computer whiz. Cheerful, geeky, and squeamish, your sim enjoys a rather pleasant life unless they encounter something gross.

Generation Ten: Blue

  • Aspiration: Super parent
  • Career: Critic
  • Traits: Gloomy, Perfectionist, Family Oriented

Your game may end with the tenth generation character, but that doesn’t mean that the family line automatically dies. With advanced parenting skills thanks to the family oriented aspiration, your sim will raise new children. However, they get a little blue at times, especially when things aren’t just right.

Not So Berry Challenge Rules

Participants of the not so berry challenge must learn the rules and adhere to them on the honor system. There are general rules to know before you start your challenge and specific rules for each generation.

Not So Berry Challenge Basic Rules

To get ready for the not so berry challenge, you will need to create your first generation sim and pick a place for the sim to live.

Your character must follow the designated color of the generation. For example, your starting character should have mint hair and mint clothing. Matching the sim’s skin tone is optional. Spouses do not need to follow the color scheme.

Your sim will also need to follow the designated career and aspiration. We recommend writing an in-game note as an easily accessible reference.

Speaking of cheats, you are allowed to use money cheats albeit, you should use them sparingly. Most participants use a cheat to establish a family plot, even outside of their starting budget, and then disable cheats. Unlike the original legacy challenge where you must keep the family on one lot, you may have to change lots according to the rules of each generation.

Players must play in normal live mode. No speeding up gameplay.

You will play as the eldest legacy character until the character dies. At that point, you will move on to the next legacy character. Don’t forget to follow the color scheme and assign the correct career and aspiration.

When a family has more than one eligible heir, you will need to follow consistent succession rules established in the beginning of the challenge.

The challenge ends when a character dies before completing the rules associated with their generation or can’t produce an heir. Will you pass your wealth down to your own children or adopted children? Or will you base your decision on who shares the strongest bond with the deceased legacy character?

Generation One: Mint

  • Succeed at the Scientist career.
  • Complete Chief of Mischief aspiration.
  • Master Mischief and Logic skills.
  • Complete the Elements collection.

Generation Two: Rose

  • Only have one child.
  • Succeed at the Politician career.
  • Complete the Serial Romantic aspiration.
  • Master the Charisma skill.
  • Leave someone at the altar.
  • Get married for the first time as an elder. Not earlier!

Generation Three: Yellow

  • Master Rocket Science and Handiness skill.
  • Succeed in Astronaut career.
  • Complete Nerd Brain aspiration.
  • Build a rocket ship and visit Sixam.
  • Enter the secret lot in Oasis Springs.
  • Avoid close relationships other than your ancestors from Generation I until the grandparent dies.

Generation Four: Grey

  • Master Singing, Parenting, and Athletic skills.
  • Succeed at the Professional Athlete career.
  • Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration.
  • Experience three failed relationships.
  • Marry a sim with the neat trait.
  • Befriend all of your children.
  • Enjoy a family movie night with your spouse and children every Sunday.

Generation Five: Plum

  • Master the dance skill (and two other skills of the player’s choice).
  • Achieve at least level eight in six skills.
  • Complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration.
  • Divorce and remarry the same Sim.
  • Live in at least three different worlds.

Generation Six: Orange

  • Master Baking and Charisma skills.
  • Succeed at Criminal career.
  • Complete Public Enemy aspiration.
  • Live in an apartment with the Needs TLC lot trait throughout the entire young adult life.
  • Become a parent to twins without having any other children (cheats allowed).
  • Convince others it’s a lie when you Claim to Be Criminal Mastermind.

Generation Seven: Pink

  • Complete postcard collection.
  • Master Writing and Wellness skills.
  • Complete the Bestselling Author aspiration.
  • Nourish a well maintained garden.
  • Quit your job to pursue your dreams.

Generation Eight: Peach

  • Marry a co-worker.
  • Must know how to play an instrument.
  • Master Gourmet Cooking and Comedy skills.
  • Master Detective career.
  • Must live in a different world than the Generation VIII heir was raised.

Generation Nine: Green

  • Master Mixology, Video Gaming, and Programming skills.
  • Master Tech Guru career and complete Computer Whiz aspiration.
  • Must accept every invitation to parties/outings with friends.
  • Establish relationships with five good friends and five enemies.

Generation Ten: Blue (Rules)

  • Adopt at least one child.
  • Complete the Photography, Cooking, and Parenting skills.
  • Master Critic career.
  • Complete Super Parent aspiration.
  • Marry high school sweetheart and remain married for life.
  • Experience a one-time secret affair. Be discrete!


The Sims 4 not so berry challenge takes you through 10 generations of a family made of very different personalities. This challenge is perfect for players looking for a slight variation of the berry legacy challenge. Feel free to share your experience with other players!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Packs Do I Need For the Not So Berry Challenge?

You do not need to have any expansion packs to play the challenge. Enjoy it with the basic game or with your expansion packs. Just follow the rules! We suggest downloading color mods to match the colors in each generation as specifically as possible.

How Do I Complete the Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge?

You complete this legacy challenge once you get through ten generations of the same family. If you die or fail to produce an heir, you will lose the challenge. Don’t be afraid to try again, as this will be more difficult than you originally thought!

What’s the Difference Between the Not So Berry Challenge and the Berry Challenge?

The not so berry challenge is reminiscent of its predecessor – the berry legacy challenge. However, the characters in each generation are different. Furthermore, berry sims must have skin that coordinates with the generation’s color theme.