Nothing to Remember brings mystery thrills

The art of a good murder mystery is realism. To be truly immersed in this genre you have to feel that there is a real sense of urgency to catch a killer or solve a puzzle that might put a completely different spin on an elusive case. As a gaming genre, the murder mystery has come along leaps and bounds in the past few years and has certainly stepped far outside the boundaries presented by the visual novel. You aren’t just taking the role of a detective and going from scene to scene anymore, you are the detective and suddenly every choice you make truly counts. This is very much the case in Nothing to Remember, the game we’ll be studying a little bit today.

Nothing to Remember is an immersive murder mystery by the creative souls over at Guts United. It will be releasing for PC via Steam on July 29th for those of you aching for a new thriller to get to grips with.

Nothing to Remember plays entirely through a sleek chat system from your desktop. From here you will be invited into the personal lives of Sarah and Jeremy, two strangers intertwined by one tragedy, as they unknowingly work together to uncover the truth behind a murder case thought closed.

Nothing to Remember encourages you to search, track, keep notes and above all choose your words carefully. With four unique endings and lives on the line, the choices you will make in this title are designed to test even the most seasoned mystery fanatic.

Marina Kiselva, lead writer of Nothing to Remember stated, “This game is made in the detective genre, but in the process of creation, it went far beyond it. I’ve always been attracted to nightmares stemming from people’s inner fears. My inspiration came from Stephen King’s books and my favorite game, Silent Hill, where fictional monsters represent real human tragedies. I think in the process the player can learn something new about themselves, and they may be surprised by their own behavior in unpredictable situations.”

This looks like it could be a real nail-biter. I think as a race we’ve stopped really thinking about what we put in our messages. When those messages could literally be life and death, I wonder how gamers will be able to adapt. This aside, Nothing to Remember sounds like a story that will really appeal to the cyber sleuths amongst you. If you’re ready to get your thinking caps on and solve a new mystery you’ll only have a couple of months to wait.