NuYu trumps Mii

We recently reported on a new golf game for the Wii called Crazy Mini Golf. This game is being developed by Data Design Interactive under their Kidz Sports label and it features a diverse character creator called NuYu (pronounced new-you). Well, it turns out that the NuYu Editor is going to be used in DDI’s future Popcorn Arcade Wii titles as well.

Players will be able to create their in-game avatar and customize it by altering the shape of its head, choosing eyes, hair, eyebrows, nose, mouth and skin tone. Give the new you glasses, facial hair, makeup, rosy cheeks or other accessories. When finished, the NuYu can even be saved into your Wii remote, so you can take it with you on the go and use it for multiple titles.

What? You’ve already heard of something like this? That’s because the image you see above is really just a Mii with more options — a lot more options. Now you can even pick outfits. What’s better is that now your Mii, or rather NuYu, will have hands!

Creating your Mii is one of the highlights of the Wii and one of the features that really appeals to all types of gamers from hardcore to hardcore’s grandmother. While it is great to see another company getting into the spirit, it would be nice if Nintendo would look into upgrading their own Mii options as well. I mean, come on, my Jesus needs robes and Chuck Norris should have his Walker Texas Ranger outfit. Or at least the hat.