Oddworld’s Abe gets Twitter, promises a reveal in two days

I thought my last Oddworld story would be the last thing I wrote about the developer/franchise in a long time. Much to my surprise though there’s been some recent action on the Mudokon front; Abe, the star of the first 3 Oddworld games has gone and got himself a Twitter account. I wonder how easy it is to type with two fingers and a thumb?

Most of his messages are quotes (and farts) from Abe’s Odyssey, Abe’s Exodus, and Munch’s Odyssey. However one tweet reads: “In less than 48hrs, the truth will start to come out…. Sssssssssh”

The truth? Is there a new Oddworld game on the horizon at long last? More than likely it’ll be news about The Oddbox, a collection of all the Oddworld games to date but we’d like to think maybe Lorne Lanning and the team’s “aggressive experiments” have turned into something exciting.