Of Ships & Scoundrels sails into our lives on PC

Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Okay, now with that out of the way…

Let’s talk pirates.

We all love pirates, sure. They’re smelly, rude, and greedy, but there’s something there a lot of people respond to. A life on the open sea, away from the complications of the world around us is a constant fantasy that many people dream of. Pirate games are few and far between, and games that focus on nautical combat are even fewer. If you’ve always dreamed of being a captain on the high seas, strategically placing crew members and cannons in order to ensure victory, Of Ships & Scoundrels is the fantasy fulfillment you’ve been waiting for.

So, what is the game, exactly? Here’s what you need to know, matey (sorry, not sorry). The game is a ship combat and turn-based strategy game set from the top down perspective, in which you must think quickly in order to win the day. The game also offers procedurally generated maps and quests in order to keep the experience fresh. It includes things like day/night cycles and a bounty of customization and upgrading options. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a multiplayer mode in which you and up to three friends can play together, either locally or online.

The game is currently available in early access on steam, with the developers stating: “We have been developing ‘Of Ships & Scoundrels’ for quite some time now, and we feel that it’s time to get it out in the open, collect valuable feedback from the community and see if our concepts work and if and where they can be improved.”

Of Ships & Scoundrels is available for only $12.74 on Steam until November 21. Wait, what? That’s it? Now, who do I talk to about exchanging my money out of doubloons? All I have are doubloons.