Okami HD is arriving on Switch this Summer


Nintendo and Clover Studios/CAPCOM have announced that stunningly good-looking puzzle-adventure game Okami will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer.

Image courtesy of CNET

The news comes as a part of the much larger and frankly terribly exciting Nintendo Direct that took place at 5PM EST yesterday evening, and was among several indie titles to be teased for the hybrid console. Originally released in 2006Okami is an interactive artistic experience that has had both an HD remake for last-and-current gen consoles, and a sequel – Okamiden – released in 2011.

The Switch version will be a port of the HD remake, and will feature use of the console’s Joy-Con motion controls and touch screen for the excessive amount of drawing that players will be doing to solve puzzles or fight enemies. Here is a glimpse of the trailer:

Expect those graphics to pop in both handheld and docked modes. Okami is a puzzle-adventure title primarily, focusing on a linear narrative with various side-quests and smaller activities that will also make full use of the Switch’s myriad capabilities. You’ll be using the Celestial Brush to restore colour to the beleaguered land of Nippon, painting the natural life back into the world as you take on the eight-headed, chromatophobic demon Orochi. And you know what? The traditional Japanese art style and neat interactive elements make this a damn fine choice for the latest Nintendo console.

Okami HD is currently available on Xbox One, Playstation 3/4, and PC; frustratingly enough, there is no official release date as of yet, aside from the slightly vague “Summer 2018” offered during yesterday’s Direct.