Old PSP games come to NGP using new tech, Resistance, Modnation shown off

This month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK holds a few more interesting details about what we might see on Sony’s upcoming handheld this E3 and beyond.

In a double-page spread, previewing the early software line-up, the publication mentions two PSP ports we hadn’t heard of up until now. Apparently Modnation Racers was shown running on the NGP, supporting touchscreen controls for track creation. The mag reports that you can place your circuit and scenery by swiping your fingers around the screen.

Another port was also detailed; Sony Bend’s Resistance: Retribution will apparently come to the system with dual-stick support. It wasn’t detailed about if these games were the old backwards¬†compatible¬†versions, but we’re betting Sony will be announcing NGP compatibility for the PSP Remaster line-up this E3.