OnLive prepares for winter launch

Interest continues to grow around cloud-based gaming company OnLive. The emerging firm has recently closed deals with AT&T, Autodesk, Warner Brothers, Lauder Partners, and Maverick Capital in their largest round of funding to date. OnLive, which has been working on their online game delivery service in secret for the past six years, released a private beta last month and plans to open the service to everyone this winter.

CEO Steve Perlman has unwavering faith in digital delivery as a platform for game distribution. “Over the last decade, we’ve seen an enormous upheaval in the media business as the written word, photos, music, and video have been steadily moving away from physical media to online delivery.”

Until it’s released to the public in the coming months, we won’t know if the service will sink or swim, but OnLive is certainly acquiring the business partners and cash flow to make a meaningful impact on the gaming community.